Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Pain in My Eye!

I'm back!  I've been on about a week hiatus due to a blasted scratch on my friggin' cornea.  Glowing computer screens, not my friend this week. 

In keeping with my last post, I've been on glasses duty during this time (and the coming few days as well.)  Grrrr...  God has taught me humility through all of this, though my nose suffers under the weight of my lenses and my vanity is kinda starting to miss my eye makeup stash.

I have to consult my Facebook page to remember what I missed posting about this week. ('Cause that how we document things these days, right?)

I went to the zoo on Sunday with my brother's kids.  My 14-year-old niece discovered that, yes, she's still afraid on butterflies.  And, peacocks too for that matter.  My nephews each rode a dinosaur for the very first time... on the zoo's brand spankin' new and simply adorable carousel, that is:

I had a lion look me right square in the eye.  Not in a "I'd like to eat you now" way, but more in the sense of, "My instincts tell me I should eat you, but my heart thinks we could be really good friends":

Another lion did this:

We saw the cutest family of chimpanzees this side of the Congo.  The baby was so sweetly content riding his mama like this:

...but the kids soon lost interest because it's not like the chimps were riding around on tricycles while smoking cigars or anything.  Chants of "Can we go now?" I managed to ignore for probably a good twenty minutes.  That's how you get your chimp fix, you see.  By feigning deafness.

The work week brought temps of highs in 70s here in SE Michigan.  That's what people call an "Indian Summer" around these parts.  We should probably start calling it a "Native American Summer" though, to be more p.c.  It's got the same ring.  But, since it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, we probably won't.

Sunshiny temps plus the banning of my contacts brought up some risky issues.  For one, I don't own a pair of prescription sunglasses. And, since any hint of light causes my damaged eye to water like Niagara, I've been forced to resort to this:

I've always been a fan of layering

It's street legal as far as I can tell!

I won runner-up in a "Pimp Your Ride" (ie. office chair) contest at work, 'cause I work at a place that has such contests:

May the Queen with the thickest glasses rule the land.
I came home drunk on power and managed to make this mess:

Did I do that?

If candy were currency I would also be king.  I managed to collect all my riches, but am still unsure of the candy corn to hair ratio left mingling in their new ziplocked home.

Besides that, I've started watching and loving The New Girl on Fox.  I've come to terms with the fact that Glee is apparently now a drama and no longer a musical comedy.  I finished My Life With Eleanor and started reading (and loving!) She Got Up Off the Couch.  I'm finding Haven Kimmel (Who wants to take bets that that's not her birth name?) thoroughly entertaining and I'm seeing that I'm going to have to quickly purchase A Girl Named Zippy, because it came first and Couch is it's sequel. 

What else... it's been five days since my last post so I guess that means I've entered the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes five more times since then and now we're back up to speed.  (I guess the near-blind can still get a whole lot accomplished in a week!)

Now if you'll excuse me, the queen needs her rest.

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