Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Search Me

Visiting my blog stats page can be amusing from time to time.  Especially when perusing the search key words people have used to find (unwittingly or not) An Aunt's Life.

Here's some very true examples:
  • "coldplay glow in the dark"
  • "coldplay glowing in the dark"
  • "cartoon candy shop"
  • "the glee project down syndrome boy"
  • "melchior de hondecoeter"
  • "la zoo carousel figure chart" (huh?)
  • "mob wife aunt"
  • "jack the pumpkin king standing in front..."
  • "casey mr dressup"
  • "gabby douglas's hair"
  • "is santa bad?"
  • "hilary duff horse teeth"
and my personal favorite
  • "peeing underwater"

However, you found me---accidentally or on purpose---you've helped An Aunt's Life reach over three thousand hits this past month.

Thanks for coming!  (Psst... And, next time auntslife.blogspot.com will get you here just as efficiently.)

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