Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's an Aunt's Life

When starting a blog on a whim, my first concern was having a snappy blog name. As most writers can attest, it's easier to write a paragraph than a sentence. It's easier to write an essay than a greeting card. And, in keeping with "a writer is wordy" tradition, I find it easier to blog than to name one.

A title should describe something's content to a tee. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I would probably first describe myself as an aunt. It's not the title that earns my income, it's not the title that describes my heritage or personality... but it's my favorite title. So, it's going in my blog title.

The word "aunt" isn't snappy enough on it's own, so I've been wracking my brain for a whole 15 minutes trying to find a clever twist on the the words "aunt" and "ant".  Given the amount of time invested, these were my most clever combos (and their reasons for failing the blog title test):

  • Aunt Farm - Would have been so cute if I lived on a farm. Urghhh! Too bad I'm from the burbs.
  • Fire Aunt - Too sexy
  • Aunt Bite - Sounds mean!
  • Aunt Bully - See Aunt Bite
  • Aunt Eater - Sounds a little pervy
  • Aunt Hill - Seems political for some reason
  • Aunt's Nest - Sounds like I have messier hair than I'd care to admit to
  • Queen Aunt - A mite egotistical
  • Aunt Trap - ummmm... no.
So then the 90's movie "An Ant's Life" popped into my head. Then, the realization that the movie is actually called "A Bug's Life" immediately followed. But, Ant's Life/Aunt's Life is stuck in there now and I had to pick a title before I could hit the "Continue" button (Dang it! Can't I just pretend I live on a farm?)... so here we are!

There are enough mommy blogs, wife blogs, pet blogs, farm blogs in the world. This one's for the aunties! For today. Tomorrow might bring you a book review, opinion piece, reality show rant or essay that woke me up in the middle of the night.

Who knows what this blog will bring but, for today, it's just the aunt's life.

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Rhonda said...

Oh how excited I am to follow your blog!! Your status messages are certainly something I look forward to! And from one Queen Aunt to another...I think an Aunt's Life is the best thing since sliced bread! (Although I'd be lying if I didn't throw in that I would love to have a mommy blog...just isn't in my cards apparently!)